Sunday, July 07, 2013

On the Love of One's Country: An element of the Faith of God

The love of one’s country, as “an element of the Faith of God,” ... should not, indeed it cannot, be construed as a repudiation, or regarded in the light of a censure, pronounced against a sane and intelligent patriotism.:"
 The Wider, Inclusive Loyalty


We were camping by a marina on a spit of land we thought would be quite isolated. As it was the 4th of July weekend, we discovered that Tokeland WA can be a very bustling place. It is a community after all, a town with people who live and work there. People came out in droves for their annual parade, a lovely experience to behold for Bonita and me. There is something lovely about love of country, easier to appreciate perhaps from the vantage point of a small town that lies three hours away from the somewhat big city we live in, where I've avoided the annual all-day festival which draws hundreds of thousands. -gw

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