Wednesday, June 19, 2013

On Seeing Green: Through eyes that aren't jaded

At first the infant finds it very difficult to reconcile itself to its new existence. It cries as if not wishing to be separated from its narrow abode and imagining that life is restricted to that limited space. It is reluctant to leave its home, but nature forces it into this world. Having come into its new conditions, it finds that it has passed from darkness into a sphere of radiance; from gloomy and restricted surroundings it has been transferred to a spacious and delightful environment. ... Its new life is filled with brightness and beauty; it looks with wonder and delight upon the mountains, meadows and fields of green, the rivers and fountains, the wonderful stars; it breathes the life-quickening atmosphere; and then it praises God for its release from the confinement of its former condition and attainment to the freedom of a new realm.
`Abdu'l-Bahá, The Promulgation of Universal Peace

I love green, but sometimes green isn't good. Photo editing is fun and easy with all the incredible software available. But sometimes the end result isn't  ... real. Natural is better. Seeing through the eyes of an infant is better than the seeing through supposedly mature eyes, if those eyes require neon colors.

So we take a trip to Eastern Washington. E WA can be brown in summer. But in the spring it can still be the green I like. It was still green in the Sinlehekin this last weekend.

I loved our walk of discovery down to the banks of Sinlehekin Creek. Took lots of pictures. Processed them. Posted 'em. But Bonita didn't like 'em. "I don't like the greens," she said. "Doesn't look real. Authentic color is what I like."

OK, so here is the re-edit using only "I'm feeling lucky" -- yeah, that's really a setting on Google's Picasa photo editing -- but no "Boost" for authentic green. -gw

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