Thursday, May 16, 2013

On Baha'i-Inspired Post-Punk: Radiant Devices

My taste in music has evolved. I want Baha'i-inspired, yes, but I want something post-punk/industrial, too.  The solution -- Radiant Devices, coming out momentarily with a brand new album. Here is their 2011 EP while we wait. -gw +

CHICAGO POETRY: "»radiant devices« take to the stage and, wow! They use found objects, including a satellite dish, a chain, a gas tank, a big piece of sheet metal and a thick spring as musical instruments to compliment their off the wall, punk-rock poetry performance art. When I think of Mojdeh performing her poetry into a bullhorn I think of a female Jello Biafra."!__page-1/page-5

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