Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On Illumined Tigers: Awarded for their efforts

The UTYA Tigers organization had their awards celebration last week. It marks the end of the end of the season, I guess you can say. Junior youth animator Ida joined me. She held babies and congratulated junior youth and their families Looking around the room, it was amazing to me to see how many there have participated in the institute process in one way or another. Jamayia's parents announced her retirement from football. "She's gonna be a coach instead," her father said. -gw

Wherefore, O ye illumined youth, strive by night and by day to unravel the mysteries of the mind and spirit, and to grasp the secrets of the Day of God. Inform yourselves of the evidences that the Most Great Name hath dawned. Open your lips in praise. Adduce convincing arguments and proofs. Lead those who thirst to the fountain of life; grant ye true health to the ailing. Be ye apprentices of God; be ye physicians directed by God, and heal ye the sick among humankind. Bring those who have been excluded into the circle of intimate friends. Make the despairing to be filled with hope. Waken them that slumber; make the heedless mindful. Such are the fruits of this earthly life. Such is the station of resplendent glory.

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