Wednesday, December 26, 2012

On Baha'i Teaching on Christmas Day: Bound to happen

Another amazing email is making the rounds today, from the same dear soul who did a home visit Christmas eve. How can you top that? Well, by doing a home visit on Christmas day, of course! -gw
Chris and I just came back from our home visit to Amanda and Sean's house. 
It was very up lifting and warm. Sean was taking a nap so we had a great conversation with Amanda and Anthony. Since Anthony was present at the last devotional with all the JY and youth, asked if he likes to have a devotional at his place. He said yes and also he said he knows lots of kids in the area and he didn't need any help. He mentioned how much he likes the booklet on Love. Then we said a prayer for infant and Anthony said a prayer for youth.
Amanda was happy she could download the prayers on her IPad. As soon as she did that, she was going through some of the prayers and she recognized one of them that is put into song, "O God, my God, my Beloved, my heart desire." So we all sang that one. Then they asked about "O God, I'm weak, strengthen me," so we found that prayer and sang it together. By that time Sean had awakened from our prayers and singing.
We also did a deepening theme on investigation after truth and elimination of prejudice.
We talked more to Sean and Amanda about institute process and how different groups this week are going through different books.
He asked about George. Asked about the significance of number 19. Chris explained about the story of declaration on The Bab and the Letters of Living. Chris recommended Thief in the Night.
Hope everyone has had many great home visits this week.

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