Friday, May 04, 2012

On We Are Lovers of Sunlight: And so we go east of the mountains

Bonita and I will be going east of the mountains for our first camping experience of the year. I was in Yakima taking pics for the Tacoma Invaders football team the end of March and felt the warm sun that Saturday. Temperatures may not be as warm as they were then, but no matter. We're going. There will be full sun on Sunday. We'll bask in it with our winter coats on if we have to. -gw


We must recognize the sun, no matter from what dawning point it may shine forth, be it Mosaic, Abrahamic or any personal point of orientation whatever, for we are lovers of sunlight and not of orientation. We are lovers of illumination and not of lamps and candles. We are seekers for water, no matter from what rock it may gush forth. We are in need of fruit in whatsoever orchard it may be ripened. We long for rain; it matters not which cloud pours it down. We must not be fettered. If we renounce these fetters, we shall agree, for all are seekers of reality.  

Abdu'l-Baha,  28 May 1912
Talk at Reception at Metropolitan Temple
Seventh Avenue and Fourteenth Street, New York

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