Saturday, May 12, 2012

On Outdoor Play: As good as any book


At the 2012 Early Childhood Conference in Tacoma attendee Oralia, a bilingual family resource coordinator for early intervention birth to three, describes a visit she made to Mexico to visit family in which she sees a boy playing outside by the side of a road and notes just how unique and special that experience can be for a child -- and for the adults who love that child. 

Hers is a passionate plea. Reading books to children is great, but taking time to be outside is just as valuable, if not more so. There is so much to see. When is the last time you saw a cow, a deer, a muskrat, an owl, a squirrel, a red-winged blackbird? Have you ever seen a flock of pelicans soaring high in the air? - gw

... make ye an effort in order that these children may be rightly trained and educated and that each of them may attain perfection in the world of humanity.

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