Thursday, February 09, 2012

On the Men of Good Character Playing Semi-Pro Football in Tacoma: Well is it with them

A good character is, verily, the best mantle for men from God. With it He adorneth the temples of His loved ones. By My life! The light of a good character surpasseth the light of the sun and the radiance thereof. Whoso attaineth unto it is accounted as a jewel among men. The glory and the upliftment of the world must needs depend upon it. A goodly character is a means whereby men are guided to the Straight Path and are led to the Great Announcement. Well is it with him who is adorned with the saintly attributes and character of the Concourse on High.
Will Crumbley, the owner of the Invaders, calls upon his players to show good character.
I have never seen the Tacoma Invaders practices so animated and upbeat. The Superbowl may be over, but football isn't -- especially for the 100s of semi-pro teams that play spring football across the country.
The Invaders season starts with some non-league games in April. I can't wait! One of them is with the Yakima Mavericks, the team Coach Juan was associated with during his semi-pro playing days. He said his family is going to treat us good over there. I'm thinking, homemade Mexican food, made with love. -gw

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