Wednesday, February 01, 2012

On In One Big Room: Great to be together

It's February already, and I am just poting on stuff that happened weeks ago. Like the MLK Day potluck at Time and Deb's. I marvel at the cross section of Baha'is and friends of the Faith that showed. It was such a thrill to see Linda and Robert Carpenter and their lovely grandchildren, to visit with Darachan and Kiri at long last, great to hear Tony's stories about teaching in the Soviet Union, to see Tim & Deb's newly published children's book, to see Jardana's lovely nails which she did herself, to have Charles' other grandchild be able to join us, to see Immaculate and meet her other half, Natural, and have Matt and his children and junior youth be able to hang out in Tim and Deb's big room. -gw

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