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On Stealth Baha'is: Working side by side with the registered Baha'is

Stealth Air Jordans, a comfortable fit
8 congregations: 9.30% of state's Baha'i's 86 congregations.
566 adherents: 9.73% of state's Baha'i's 5,817 adherents.

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These are old statistics. and they are not Baha'i-generated. They are from 2000. Deb's guess is that the numbers are gleaned from the census of that year.
Numbers are always interesting -- the percentage of Baha'is, 10%, who reside in Pierce County, for one. Baha'is, of course, don't use the term "congregations,"  but communities, and these communities are organized by legal locality -- incorporated towns, commissioner's districts, and the like.
The most interesting number is the 566. That's above the Baha'i count. Must be some stealth Baha'is out there, the kind who say what is in their heart. "What are you?" "Oh, Baha'i. That's what best defines what's my spiritual beliefs." These folks may never have registered as Baha'is, but they recognize Baha'u'llah. There are a lot of people out there like that, some unknown to the community, but many who are known, and are working side by side with enrolled Baha'is to build a new world order in keeping with what God intends of humanity. It's a comfortable fit. -gw
Propelled by forces generated both within and outside the Baha'i community, the peoples of the earth can be seen to be moving from divergent directions, closer and closer to one another, towards what will be a world civilization so stupendous in character that it would be futile for us to attempt to imagine it today.  As this centripetal movement of populations accelerates across the globe, some elements in every culture, not in accord with the teachings of the Faith, will gradually fall away, while others will be reinforced.
12 December 2011 - The Universal House of Justice, Further guidance on the implementation of institute courses

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