Wednesday, January 04, 2012

On Path As Metaphor: It beackons to new horizons

Garden path
The main sequence of courses is organized so as to set the individual, whether Baha'i or not, on a path being defined by the accumulating experience of the community in its endeavour to open before humanity the vision of Baha'u'llah's World Order.  The very notion of a path is, itself, indicative of the nature and purpose of the courses, for a path invites participation, it beckons to new horizons, it demands effort and movement, it accommodates different paces and strides, it is structured and defined.  A path can be experienced and known, not only by one or two but by scores upon scores; it belongs to the community.  To walk a path is a concept equally expressive.  It requires of the individual volition and choice; it calls for a set of skills and abilities but also elicits certain qualities and attitudes; it necessitates a logical progression but admits, when needed, related lines of exploration; it may seem easy at the outset but becomes more challenging further along.  And crucially, one walks the path in the company of others.
12 December 2011 - The Universal House of Justice, Further guidance on the implementation of institute courses
What a marvelously useful metaphor "path" is. -gw
Walking the straight path
Billy walking a path of service
Junior youth groups walking
The path to the garage

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