Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On Matt Completes the Tablet of Ahmad: Invested with potency and signficance

Last week when we completed answering the questions of "Prayer - Section 8" in Ruhi Book 1, we paused to say a few of the prayers  mentioned. Lisa volunteered to say the Tablet of Ahmad by heart, as she has been working to memorize it for the past ten years. "But I need someone to spot me," she said. Matt volunteered. With his able assistance, she got most of the way through it, then he brought the prayer to conclusion. 
These obligatory prayers, together with a few other specific ones, such as the Healing Prayer, the Tablet of Ahmad, have been invested with Baha’u’llah with a special potency and significance, and should therefore be accepted as such and be recited by the believers with unquestioned faith and confidence, that through them they may enter to a much closer communion with God, and identify themselves more fully with His laws and precepts.
Shoghi Effendi, Principles of Baha’i Administration (London: Baha’i Publishing Trust, 1973), p.7 - quoted in Ruhi Book 1, Reflections on the Life of the Spirit.

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