Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On Interconnected heads and hearts: Religion, parent & child, and the internet

What's this about?
It appears on my Facebook for interests for which there is no icon, in my case the internet, religion and Parent Child Interaction Therapy.
I think the generic icon is very appropriate. It represents interaction and interconnectedness. That's the Internet, certainly. That's also religion, religions being revealed progressively, reaffirming the same spiritual verities from age to age, one coming in fulfillment of the next. That's also true of Parent Child Interaction Therapy that I practice, that sees behavior in a family as reciprocal.
The icon at top is just a simplification of the icon below, which is used to stand for the internet, but which could also be used to represent the interconnected synapses of our brain. In this day and age, even our brains are interconnected, like never before.

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