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On the Baha'i Attitude Toward Sex Is Refreshing: The faith God always intended for me

Old posts still draw visitors. Below is a comment made just yesterday to a post that originally appeared in October of 2009.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "On Premarital Sex: What is a relationship?":

I find it refreshing....

I was sexually molested for many years, did lose my virginity willingly at 19, married and had a child then divorced. Shortly after in a sexual monogamous relationship which ended within two years. Chose celebacy for two years and again in a sexual monogamous relationship for 5 years, married and it ended within 2 days. I chose chastity over sex being through much and having a teenager who deserved to not be confused the men I chose to bring into our lives.

I worked for a couple of years with someone. We had so many of the same beliefs morally, ethically and spiritually. He would become my dearest and truest friend....It would be several years after it was obvious how deeply connected we were before he told me he was a Baha'i. I did not know what a Baha'i was, but when he explained it everything fell into place. The subtle kiss on the cheek or forehead or peck on the lips. There was no pressure. We spent those years prior to that revelation enjoying tremendously long talks, cooking meals, watching movies, spending days and nights on the beach, and discovering each other. We like each other and when I look at him and how wonderful he is spiritually, mentally and physically, I want to be that for him. He is the reflection in the mirror. That is true intimacy, and it is undeniable.

I have studied the Baha'i Faith the past couple of years. I had always been intrigued with religions. I have discovered that in my heart I have always been a baha'i and this coming Naw Ruz I will officially declare it so! I have finally found the one God had always intended for me and the faith I had only known in my dreams!!

Best wishes to you ladies and enjoy the journey!
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On a famous painting ... Klee's "The Kiss" was featured as the visual in my original post. It was shortly after the post appeared that I was in the home of a seeker where I took the picture below. The seeker and his partner are now Baha'is and their whole family participates in the core activities of the institute process. And, yes, that is little Gilmar, at age one. Now he is three. -gw

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