Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On Something Surprising on the KPLU Website: Salishan coverage and a Baha'i Views photo

An attack video claiming to expose a housing development in Tacoma "built for illegal immigrants!" has been played more than 300,000 times on YouTube. There’s only one problem, the Tacoma News Tribune reports, it’s completely wrong about almost everything.
Bonita found something quite suprising on the KPLU website today. The housing development in the reference above is, of course, Salishan. The TNT article mentioned, which first appeared back in July, is below.
The surprise?  That KPLU used one of my Salishan photos for their posting. I love the photo-sharing feature of Flickr. It's so ... Baha'i.  The photo was shot while I was taking "the walking bus" with Lisa after the Thursday Baha'i children's class.
Hey, there's Jalen, the Tiger's little league football player, in the top photo of the set. I just watched him play last Saturday.  -gw

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