Sunday, September 18, 2011

On Guided to Our Baha'i Community: Prayers for a calamitous event

The Baha'i friends locally received an appeal for prayers for a family affected by the Reno airshow tragedy.
My friend J, a friend since we met in chemotherapy, has had many losses in her life and tonight faces another. She phoned me asking if perhaps the Baha'i Community could offer prayers for her cousin K  and his family. K is one of the victim's of the Reno Air Race crash and is currently near death. They are awaiting the arrival of one of his children before they remove life support. 
J has shared many stories with me about K and what an integral part of their family this wonderful man is.  This tragedy is deeply, sorrowfully, affecting all those who love Jim and his family.  J and I have shared many "spiritual conversations" and I am humbled by the strength of faith and spirit of this dear friend.
Those most closely affected by this tragedy, and in need of our prayers: K, his wife, his mother (K's dad passed away this past year), his three sons, M (his friend who was at the air show with him and is also in critical condition, though currently expected to survive), and M's wife Tracy. The wives had left the show shortly before the accident to return to the hotel to rest.
With gratitude to Baha'u'llah for guiding my friend to our Baha'i Family and the bounty of the prayers He has given us.
Here is an article on the US Baha'i official website on how Baha'is view calamities. -gw

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