Monday, August 22, 2011

On My Dwelling Place in the Mountains: Thanks, Bonita, for putting me there

Having a partner means doing things you wouldn't do it you were alone. In my case, I wouldn't be hiking, camping, canoeing as much -- or perhaps at all -- if it wasn't for Bonita. So thanks, Bonita, for Saturday.
We followed Annie and Ruhullah's example, who took the hike earlier in the week, and did the Naches Loop Trail starting at the Pacific Crest Trail parking lot above Tipsoo Lake. It was 3.5 miles around, with great views of the Mount Rainer, and a lot of snowfields to step unsteadily over.
And we weren't alone, that's for sure. Stop for lunch and every minute or two, or so it seemed, there was another hiking party to say hello to. A lot of these groups had children in tow, I'm happy to add. What a memorable experience for them to have, under brilliant sunshine.
The temperature on the thermometer on Bonita's REI-issue day pack read mid-80's on the south-facing part of the trail. The parking spaces at Tipsoo were jammed. There was even a contingent of visitors with their lawn chairs out on the sidewalk overlooking the lake. It was a glorious day to feel a part of the fabric of humanity.
And don't let me forget the flowers! Yes, lovely flora in great abundance. -gw
THOU seest, O my Lord, my dwelling-place in the heart of this mountain and Thou dost witness my forbearance. Verily I have desired naught else but Thy love and the love of those who love Thee. How can I extol the effulgent beauty of Thy Lordship, conscious as I am of my nothingness before the habitation of Thy glory?

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