Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On the Baha'i Children's Class on South Wilkeson Street: Hilltop will never be the same

Last week we had the BBQ/Baha'i devotional there. Six days later we had Baha'i children's class filling up the chairs around the table set up on the front lawn of Kim and Charles' home. The kids around that table are playmates. During the Baha'i assistant's meeting three of us attending that visited the homes of these children to tell their parent's about what we were doing on the street. The Hilltop neighborhood will never be the same, given the influence these children will have on the world in the years to come. That's how powerful the spiritual education of children is. And it wasn't just kids at the table. Two parents sat coloring as well, Kim and Giana. -gw

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