Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On God's Flower Garden: Kids and families at Tigers practice

I never tire of kids and families as photographic subjects. The UTYA Tiger's practices behind the old Park Avenue school on Tacoma's Southside are always a feast for the eyes. So much excitement to take in, a creative chaos in one moment, at another an orderly process of kids lining up, as they did Friday to get measured for their helmuts. When there is sunshine, the colors are brilliant, the beauty of God's flower garden of humanity even more pronouced. -gw
O Lord, shower upon them all the outpourings of Thy mercy, rain down upon them all the waters of Thy grace. Make them to grow as beauteous plants in the garden of heaven, and from the full and brimming clouds of Thy bestowals and out of the deep pools of Thine abounding grace make Thou this garden to flower, and keep it ever green and lustrous, ever fresh and shimmering and fair.
Tiger's coaches

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