Monday, June 20, 2011

On a World of Sharing: Sprouted fenugreek in the house

Flickr is all about photo-sharing. Would we be offended if someone were to use a photo from our Flickr account? No, delighted. Bonita's photo from a few year's back of sprouting fenugreek seeks made the Times of India today, and 113 people clicked on the photo.
Maybe they noticed the name of our account and that the photo was in a set called "Our Baha'i home." -gw
Internet communication, which has the ability to transmit in seconds the entire contents of libraries that took centuries of study to amass, vastly enriches the intellectual life of anyone able to use it, as well as providing sophisticated training in a broad range of professional fields. The system, so prophetically foreseen sixty years ago by Shoghi Effendi, builds a sense of shared community among its users that is impatient of either geographic or cultural distances.

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