Friday, June 03, 2011

On Most Viewed Music Videos: An eclectic Baha'i-inspired mix

I've accumulated quite a inventory of videos on our Baha'i Views /Flitzy Pheobie Flickr site. Tonight I've been going through the most-viewed "music videos." These are all raw clips that feature music -- usally with either a harsh start or a harsh finish, and never a whole song, because Flickr limits videos to 90 seconds. All but two of these videos were taken with my old camera and are are not in HD, but there are some real great musical moments caught here. Here is the top 9 most-viewed. -gw
1. Gwen leading the singing in our home during an Baha'i intensive teaching campaign.
2. Charles' youthful friend and old neighbor comes to a devotional at our home raps to some Sammy Swell beats I have in my collection.
3. A busker at the Pike Place Market.
4. A brief clip of my favorite Baha'i song of all time recorded during a home visit to Rashid's.
5. A recording ofTracy Chapman singing a song I consider Baha'i-inspired at another of our Thursday Baha'i devotionals.
6. A Chelsea-Lynn song played at our devotonal.
7. A chorus of coyotes along the Columbia River.
8. Helen and the girls singing in their car outside Hajji Hossein's house before a children's class there.
9. Listening to my favorite pow-wow music with Toby and Norm at our devotional.

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