Friday, June 03, 2011

On Coach Charles & BJ at Our Team Meeting: Bringing Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program to the Invaders/Tigers community

Gwen described the focus of Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program (JYSEP) groups during our meeting with Coach Charles and BJ at the our City of Destiny Teaching Team meeting the other day.
Here is another description of the JYSEP groups which our team is wishing to help get started within the Tigers/Invaders community. -gw
The junior youth spiritual empowerment program is open to young people aged between 11 and 14, and assists them to navigate through a crucial stage in their lives.

Those in their early adolescent years possess altruism, a sense of justice, eagerness to learn about the universe, and a desire to contribute to the construction of a better world.

The program helps them form a strong moral identity and empowers them to contribute to the well-being of their communities and the world at large.

By developing their spiritual qualities (virtues), their intellectual capabilities and their capacities for service to society, the participants come to see that they can become agents of positive change in the world.

The program adopts a participatory mode of learning where the facilitator and participants learn from each other.

Groups of participants engage in activities such as artistic expression, discussion, drama, cooperative games, study of literature, story telling and acts of community service.

The junior youth program explores themes from a Bahá'í perspective, but is not a formal religious education program. It is open to all, subject to parental approval. Junior youth groups meet on a regular basis and there is no written homework.

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