Saturday, April 16, 2011

On Rocky's Joyous Letter: Counting his blessings

Rocky declares his faith in Baha'u'llah, April 30th 2009
I don't think Rocky will mind if I share his joyous email to me today. -gw

I am pretty x cited george
Shadi, Chris , and son linden  are now with us in gig harbor community now, so happy we now have 16 members,the spirit of baha u llah is moving us!  Had a meeting with Chris G thursday nite about our devotions, so could not make it to your home, been a busy week,Tuesday nite ruhi Class with the Javids,Wednesday nite  at Robert and linda's, had to meet  rick and joseph daughter  and 1 seeker there, special meeting to do some teaching, Got to do some resting today, also shopping today to get my ingredients for my fridgerator soup for my devotion sunday at 1030, Man I am on a roll, just think the 3oth of this month I will have 2 years in the faith! Time goes by fast when u r having fun or shall I say When u R busy.Take care my friend
                                                            allahu abha
 my besr to bonita

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