Saturday, March 26, 2011

On Prayers for the Coach Charles' Grandfather: And best wishes to the Invaders

Coach Charles' grandfather died in Florida.  I will say prayers tonight for the progress of his soul. Charles will be gone for the next two weeks to be with his family.
In the meantime, the Invaders football practices continue. I can't attend tomorrow, as I have for the past three Sundays, but I slipped in a quick end-of-the -practice visit today. I had wanted to get there earlier, but...
The van had been in for 30,000-mile maintenance. So Bonita would not have to leave her cooking projects, I asked for shuttle service to get me back to the dealer's. The young man doing the driving today, a fill-in for the regular guy who was sick, got lost, so lost, that one of the office staff had to come to get me instead. By the time I got the Transit Connect, there was only 20 minutes or so left of the scheduled practice. I went anyway. Glad I did. Had a chance to visit with players and coaches, as it started to rain again -- or was it sleet?
While lining up for one of the last plays, Luis said hi from the wide receiver spot. 
As equipment was being put away, A.J. came over to tell me about his plans for college; hopefully, football will provide the vehicle for him to get there.
Joe told me about his trying to get his blocking duties down so that he can stay out in front of the runner. He also said that I had caught a picture of his kids, which I had posted on Facebook, at the first practice back in January.
Charles told me about his grandfather who died at the ripe age of 86; longevity runs in the family, he said. I told him about the canopy I had bought with the team in mind. It will be my Invader's fan tent, where they can avoid the rain -- or the sun, if that were ever to become a problem. Also, it can serve as a place for devotions, for early arriving fans and players, a circle of chairs underneath it doing double duty during the course of the day.
Here is a Baha'i prayer for the departed, for the progress of the soul of Charles' grandfather. -gw

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