Friday, March 25, 2011

On the Diversity That is Tacoma: Evident at Stewart Heights Park

I love the backdrop to my Invaders football practice photos. It is the Stewart Heights Park itself, and its environs.
The park sits in the middle of a neighborhood that says "Tacoma" loud and clear. Tacoma is, for the most part, working class.  I prefer humble to fancy, and that's what you find on the eastside where the relatively new park is a shining star.
Stewart Heights Park appears to be in constant use, even during late winter/early spring. There are basketball courts, playground equipment, tennis courts, the baseball field, and, of course, the open space where football practice is conducted, in addition to a waterslide pool which will open with warm weather.  
A railroad track runs along the park. You can hear the train whistle blow from time to time coming from red engines with "Tacoma Line" written in great big letters. East of the tracks in the distance is a church whose  bells can be heard. North of the park is another church and church school. Southwest of the park is a public school. In the park itself is a police substation. Ringing the park are humble homes. Get the picture? This place is safe and secure. Family friendly.
Families of all backgrounds come to the park. I love the diversity you can find in this town, as I love the diversity you find on the Invaders football team. Unity in diversity is a watchword for the team and the world. -gw

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