Thursday, March 03, 2011

On Fasting and Diabetes: Not all type 2 diabetics need to be exempt from Baha'i fasting

There are times when someone is exempt from the material portion of the Fast. "In clear cases of weakness, illness, or injury the law of the Fast is not binding," said Baha'u'llah. Women who are pregnant, nursing or menstruating are also exempt, as are travelers and those who are engaged in heavy labor. Many exempt Baha'is still rise with the sun and recite the special prayers revealed for the Fast.

"I am a person with type 2 diabetes that began as gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my son. It is controlled through meal planning and choice of foods, and daily physical activity. On my doctor's advice, I am exempt from the material portion of the fast. I eat one meal around noon and I have dried fruit and nuts on hand if my blood-glucose drops below the normal range. I have to monitor my blood glucose more to be sure it stays in the normal range. Not all type 2 diabetics need to be exempt or partly exempt from fasting," said Cudmore.

First day of the fast. I'm fasting this year, my Type II diabetes being something of a thing of the past with my honoring the importance of diet and exercise for the past three years. Thanks, Jamie, for bringing this article to my attention.  -gw 

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