Thursday, March 03, 2011

On the Chance to Share Faith: All I have to do is teach and the message does the rest

Introductory brochure with Baha'i registration card included. Becoming a Baha'i is a matter of heart, mind and spirit .

How can a non-Baha’i (though my Baha’i friends call me otherwise) help someone come–or at least become interested–in the faith? Turns out, all I have to do is teach. The message does the rest.

So tonight, as I finished giving my last talk about the Baha’i Faith in the last hours of the last days of the month, I showed the class the Baha’i Declaration Card and a registration card asking for more information about the faith. One woman approached me and asked to fill out the card, and if possible, to speak to my Mentor. I was floored. This was the spark I was looking for. The spark that could become a new Baha’i. She filled out the card and I will personally hand it to my Mentor tomorrow afternoon. I called my Mentor about what had happened and I could feel the joy flowing off her voice. Not because she might get the chance to “convert” someone, but because she gets the chance to share her faith.
Above is an excerpt from Andrew's last post on Baha'i on Project Conversion before moving onto Zoroastrianism.
Our Kim registering as a Baha'i in 2009. -gw

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