Wednesday, February 02, 2011

On a Space Has Been Created: The Agency of the Baha'i Reflection Meeting

As learning has come to distinguish the community's mode of operation, certain aspects of decision making related to expansion and consolidation have been assigned to the body of the believers, enabling planning and implementation to become more responsive to circumstances on the ground. Specifically, a space has been created, in the agency of the reflection meeting, for those engaged in activities at the cluster level to assemble from time to time in order to reach consensus on the current status of their situation, in light of experience and guidance from the institutions, and to determine their immediate steps forward.
Universal House of Justice Ridvan 2010 message
Last Saturday Bonita and I had the thrill of visiting a Baha'i Cluster Reflection Meeting in Lake Forest Park. We were inspired by consultation regarding introducing the core activities in neighborhoods up north and look to incorporate ideas shared there in our own neighborhood teaching here in Central Tacoma. -gw

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