Tuesday, February 01, 2011

On How Baha'is Are to Change the World: By being friends with people, which doesn't always come easy

It's the massive emotional investment in building genuine relationships that exhausts me, introvert that I am. 

The institute process has made me into a fine resource. 

I'm hoping it can make me into a better human, as well

The challenges of making the human connection are addressed in this post and accompanying comments on Baha'i Coherence. -gw
It's kind of funny. The House is asking us to change the world by being FRIENDS with people. This doesn't always come easy. It would be simpler to stay inside and watch Doctor Who reruns, my material self tells me. And this, perhaps, is part of why becoming conscious of my spiritual existence is important for service and social action -- so I can distinguish between the voice that wants to focus inward, and the voice calling me to step out into the community.

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