Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On Some Advice for a "Wayward" Relative: No one will ever come to the Father except through Me

I have a relative who says she just can’t find a Christian Church where she feels comfortable.

“I feel as though I don’t fit anywhere.”

It doesn’t occur to her that the search for truth does not begin with the assumption that one is already in possession of the truth.
It doesn’t occur to her that she will never fit in a Christian Church when what she believes to be true is diametrically opposed to what Jesus the Christ taught.

For example, Jesus taught:
I Am the Way,
I Am Truth,
Real Life and Real Living are found in no One but Me
No one will ever come to the Father except through Me.

This woman believes that any and all religions will lead to acceptance with God as long as one is sincere in h/her believes. If Jesus taught the former while she believes the latter, of course she is not going to find a “fit” in a Christian congregation.

Her solution? She’s going to take a class in Comparative Religions. Translation: “I’m going to pay someone to teach me what I already believe, i.e., no one religion has a corner on truth.” It would be far cheaper if she just joined a Baha’i congregation. She’ll eventually reach that point. Why put it off?

This blogger sees a community for his wayward relative to feel at home. -gw

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