Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On Martin Luther King Day: Celebrated at the Dome and at home

I just know that Jamie is going to put all his pictures of the Martin Luther King Day celebration at the Tacoma Dome in a set for posting, but for now here is just one photo. Check out the incredibly sharp images! Must be the new camera and lens. Jamie was teaching me about "circles of confusion," photography talk regarding depth of field. I'd like to say, I'm less confused now about how to take a good photo. Suffice it to say, there are people who take photographs (and that's just about everybody today), and there are those who take photographs with a truly professional eye.
The Tacoma Baha'is celebrated another MLK Day with their traditional potluck at Deb and Tim's.
The high point was the singing. Robert and El Rico each sang a lullaby to a new baby Baha'i. Gwen had a Baha'i song from South Carolina. Yup, you could say the high points of the day were the high notes.
Alex passed on word about another entry by a Baha'i blogger on Huffington Post. -gw

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