Monday, December 06, 2010

On What Is Envisioned: Many people want to transform their community in ways that align with the Baha'i teachings

What is envisioned for the world: Every neighborhood, every block, every apartment building ... every home ... will have its regularly scheduled Baha'i devotional.
Nothing in the development of the Institute Process in Tacoma pleases me more than the establishment of a Baha'i devotional through the combined efforts of Cornelia and Kim. I was privileged to attend their very first last Wednesday. We ate together. We studied a prayer together; a unity prayer was Cornelia's choice. We listened to recorded music. We offered individual prayers. We consulted. Kim spoke of wanting to gather friends together to provide service to the larger community. Prayer and action.
You can read about what Baha'is are doing in other communities through their blogs. A case in point ... -gw
Right now, I am working in consultation with a few people who are trying to motivate their own neighbourhoods. They are making awesome strides in developing relationships. They have discovered that there are numerous people around them who want to transform their community in ways that align with the Baha'i teachings. By lovingly accepting any and all help, by introducing the idea of consultation and helping their friends focus on the spiritual issues, they are succeeding in developing this culture "in which all consider themselves as treading a common path of service".

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