Sunday, December 12, 2010

On Jamie's Appreciation of the Baha'i Month of Masa'il: A well-aimed question has been known to bring fortresses of fundamentalism crashing to the ground.

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The Baha'i month of Masa'il, my favorite attribute of gods and humans .......

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Being able to post Jamie's set on the theme of the current Baha'i month is something I greatly look forward to each month. -gw
 Baha'u'llah Himself took seriously the questions of those sincerely looking for the truth. He wrote the Book of Certitude in response to the questions of the Bab's eldest uncle - whom Baha'u'llah told to write down all of his questions and bring them to Him. In answering this one man's questions, Baha'u'llah changed profoundly our vision of the religions we thought we knew.
As its title suggests, "Asking Questions" was written in an attempt to explore the subtle threat posed by questions to all bastions of fundamentalism. A well-aimed question has been known to bring such fortresses crashing to the ground. In the sense in which it is used in the book, fundamentalism can be seen not only as dogmatic rigidity within religious structures, but as any thought which plods blindfold around the treadmill of its own unquestioning assumptions.

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