Thursday, December 30, 2010

On Being Lifted Up to Such Wonderful Heights: Studying the letter from the Universal House of Justice

Last night I had the just-released 12-28-10 letter from the Universal House of Justice, the Baha'i world governing body, up on the computer screen when Tom and Renee came over for a visit. There was no Ruhi 1 study circle last night as we usually have each Wednesday, just some heart-felt conversation interspersed with a few songs at the end -- Tom played a great Hugh Masekela track.
My eye caught lines of text of the letter from time to time. I said to myself, "Everyone in this room is a part of this upcoming plan." Baha'is all over the world are studying the House's letter with awe and wonder. -gw
December 28th, 9:30 pm. I have just finished my first read of this Message, gasped at the number 5000, and been lifted up to such wonderful heights by the vision of the Universal House of Justice. There is so much I want to write, but I know that I need to go over this message again. And again. And again.

I have no doubt that what I want to say will shift and change as I really sit down and study it.

But my first thought, dear Reader, was of you. I wanted to encourage you to read this message as soon as you can, and study it with as many of the friends as you can. Read it section by section, and all the while look how to apply it. I'm sure you will, but I wanted to make sure to throw in a word of encouragement, just in case it takes that little extra nudge.

After my own first quick read of this letter, one thing in particular really stands out to me. It is found on page 14, or paragraph 37.


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