Monday, October 25, 2010

On Proof that Tacoma is Becoming a Child-Centered Baha'i Community: Saving ourselves from extinction

I forgot my camera, but Tim took photos and let me shoot some, too, at the Baha'i Holy Day last week, and Deb has put them up on her Facebook. Here's proof that that Tacoma is becoming child-centered at long last. I counted nine adults and AT LEAST 31 children and (a few) teenagers, the fruits of the Institute Process in the Salishan neighborhood. It would be accurate to say that the Tacoma has been an aging Baha'i community, but the trend is being reversed in dramatic fashion, as we follow the guidance of the Universal House of Justice and embrace a new vision of what it means to be a Baha'i, reaching out to the children and youth in our neighborhoods. -gw

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