Monday, October 25, 2010

On Every 19-Year Old Girl's Dream: Being chased by piglets while doing Baha'i service

Last week I was chased by piglets. 10 piglets, black and white. True story.

We were walking to the bus stop in Punghe, an indigenous community, where we had children's classes and junior youth groups. Anyway, we walked by a farm where in the front meadow area were 10 piglets. Walking by, I counted... 8 black/white, 2 white. I thought to myself about their genes, trying to figure out what kind of fur their parents had because you know that's just what I like to think about sometimes while walking through an indigenous community in Ecuador (why am I so weird). But, as I was thinking, I forgot the number of white piglets and I remember wishing I could go back and count again.
I snapped out of my nerdy daydream-thought and realized Eduardo, Mauro, Val, and Monica were all looking back at me and chuckling. I thought to myself "First the female dog, then Roberta.... WHY DOES EVERYONE SEEM TO KNOW FUNNY THINGS I DON'T." So then Val told me to look behind me. I glanced back and there following my trail were those 10 piglets, trudging along with their little snouts and perky ears. Anyway, I kept walking thinking that maybe they'd stop... but nope, I glanced back again and sure enough... oink oink. Well. Eduardo suggested that I run, because apparently the owners of the piglets would think that I was trying to steal them if they saw this situation... because you know, it's every 19-year-old-foreigner-girl's dream to have 10 piglets. ...
Click over to read the rest of this story from Maryam who is supporting the Baha'i core activities in Ecuador. Reminds me of the Raffi song, "8 Piggies in a Row." Only there were 10. -gw
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