Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On Me and My No. 1 Son: Ruhullah

Me and my oldest, Ruhullah.
We're essentially a one-computer family. Well, there is the Dell laptop with the backlight that needs to be replaced. I'm using it just for music, because it has my iTunes on it, and I can't transfer the songs to a sixth computer. Darn Apple!
With one computer in the corner of the living room, it is what both Bonita and I use. And what our kids use when they visit. Taraz left a mysterious file of his photos on it the other day. Finders keepers. I love the photo of Ruhullah I found in the mix.
Speaking of family, here is a set from our  Fall Birthdays get-together. Both Ruhullah and Tarazullah are born in the fall season, and Laurel, too. -gw

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