Monday, October 11, 2010

On the "Assisted Living" Baha'i Reflection Meeting: Working in the crawl space of life with an eternity to go

Baha'i Views has gone quiet again for a couple days, pushed aside by some other tasks. I'm working in the crawl space under the house. It's yucky work, but there's a deadline -- colder temperatures.
Sunday was our cluster Reflection Meeting held this time at an assisted living faciility. This weekend begins our 9-day Collective Teaching campaign. So there is even more pressure on my time between now and then. The experience on the intensive is always precious and not be be deferred. Ah, the rhythm of Baha'i life! But, thankfully, it's truely assisted living.
And then there is the time it takes to upload HD video. I guess the videos I have been uploading to date have not been. Must have messed around with the settings on my camera. Now I am getting great quality video, but it takes FOREVER to upload to Flickr. I have so much yet to upload.  But then there is the little matter of disconcerting angles. Guess I gotta latch on to a tripod.  
The body of more than 4300 posts that is Baha'i Views is still doing its work, even when I am not posting as frequently before. Just today I got a Facebook message from someone grateful for a post I put up a year or two ago. Put something up on the Internet and it is up there forever. Just like the eternal life that is vouchsafed to each of us, the progress of which is ours to influence. -gw

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