Thursday, October 07, 2010

On Guest Coming to Thursday Night Baha'i Devotions: Reflection meeting and football on Saturday

It's Baha'i devotions tonight. We'll have a guest, Valerie, grandmother and student, who is doing a paper on the Baha'i Faith. Join us and her.
The photo above was taken at the Thursday devotional before Labor Day. Charles, Cornelia, Liam, and Deb were there. You can hear  little of our study of a Baha'i prayer that evening here.
Speaking of Charles, he's been down sick with a virus for the past few weeks, I'm sorry to say. But last night Coach Charles was back at Tacoma Tigers practice, where I had a chance to say hello. Hopefully, he's getting up to speed again. The Tigers play the Lions (lions and tigers, oh my!) on their home turf at the old Truman school. Here is just a taste of what you'll find at a game (more yet to come). With our Cluster Reflection Meeting this Saturday (yaaaahh!), I wouldn't be able to attend until after 1 p.m. (and even then, only if I make dramatic progress on my project in the crawl space under our house between now and then).  The Tiger team(s) sure looked good at practice, in any case. -gw 

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southernVal said...

Thank you for allowing me into your home tonight for my course projet. I felt so welcome and you and the group piqued my interest. I will read the literature you gave me and look forward to attending again next Thursday. It was very enlightening for me.


George said...

It was wonderful having you there last night. Look forward to having you join us next week.