Thursday, September 02, 2010

On Rocky's Other Granddaughter: Caring and sharing

Check out the Tacoma Weekly. What an article they did on Tierra and her family! Look in the sport section.
I still haven't picked up a copy of the Weekly to see the article Rocky was referring to in his e-mail to me. I have loved featuring the track and field accomplishments of his granddaughter Tierra, shown with her brother Pierre at the bottom of this post. And it should be no surprise that Rocky has other granddaughters and grandsons who are extraordinary kids as well.  At Karen & Fredric's Family Fun Night I was in awe of the granddaughter, featured in the set below, who took great delight in tending to Charles' little grandchild, also in attendance last Saturday night. -gw
Tierra & Pierre
Thus from the very beginning of life every child will be refreshed by the gentle wafting of the love of God and will tremble with joy at the sweet scent of heavenly guidance.

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