Wednesday, September 01, 2010

On Amped Up to Study a Prayer With Someone: Andrene to the rescue

Tonight I went Pawn-X on South Tacoma Way to see if they had an amplifier/receiver I could buy to replace the one that is on the fritz in the living room at home. They just had a Yamaha. I don't like how difficult it is to change the volume of the rear and center speakers on that unit, so I didn't buy it.
Wednesday evenings I try to use for home-visits. And Sunday. Tuesday evenings and Saturday are set aside for family time. Our home devotional is Thursday evening. Monday and Friday evenings are open, Mondays often being for Spiritual Assembly or Area Teaching Committee meetings.
So after no success at Pawn-X, this being Wednesday, I thought, who can I go visit? I sifted through possibilities. Regina is tied up this week, I believe. I haven't met Cinnamon yet. Then I thought, Andrene!
I didn't have her address, but I thought I might be able to figure it out by proximity, having been there once before. Sure enough, as I walked through the complex on G-Street, there she was, out in front of her apartment, keeping an eye on Derrick and doling something on her iPhone.
I told her I was out and about, but had been thinking about her family and thought I'd stop  by to say hello. We discussed the effort of Baha'is to build spiritual community through home-visits and four core activities. I told her I would love to find a time when we could study a prayer together. I said, to get in a truely devotional state, you have to become deeply in touch with the Holy Writings. And what a great way to have a spiritual conversation with a person than to study a prayer with them!
I said, "I've brought these prayer books with me. How about now?" She said come on in.
It was a delightful study. This is the prayer we studied...
She's been to devotions in our home.  I told her it would be wonderful if she could have regular devotions in her home. 
We talked again about having children's classes for Derrick and other children in the complex. I told her the effect that regular children's classes were having on the children in Salishan. I think she might be interested in being accompanied to do both activities.
She said she was going to come to our houseagain  for devotions tomorrow. I hope my amp will hold up for one more evening. Gotta have music for our devotional. And the deep study of at least one prayer. -gw

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