Thursday, September 30, 2010

On Images From the Feast of Mashiyyat: Remembering the Feast orchid

The Dannells hosted feast Monday night, not at our home, but at the Salishan Family Center instead. I had the able help of Rochelle, Selena and brand new Baha'i Sara, attending her very first Feast, in helping to set up. I loved the fact that there was an exercise class going on in the same space right before, complete with booming boombox. I brought my own booming boxes for the evening, my big speakers, along with mixer, two-disk CD player, and amplifier, just purchased from the pawn shop, to make sweet Baha'i music. But I forgot the box with the speaker cords, power strip ... 


... and an extension cord. I had to drive all the way home, keeping the friends waiting for Feast to start. But it all seemed worth it, once I powered my equipment up. The sound quality was great. The songs played, incorporating Baha'i prayers and writings by Nabilinho, Walter Heath, Chelsea-Lyne, Elika Mahoney and others, were exquisite.

Going back to the house I managed to also remember to bring the Feast orchid, that is watered every 19 days and travels from Feast to Feast, after being taken care of by the respective Feast host for the Baha'i month prior. Neat tradition, huh!

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