Thursday, September 09, 2010

On a How-To Video for Spiritual Community Building: The example of Fort Collins

BahaiNationalCenter | September 07, 2010

This summer, fifteen teenagers gathered in the Rocky Mountains for a unique brand of summer camp. They focused on learning how they can start classes for children and junior youth empowerment programs in their own neighborhoods.

Nearby Fort Collins, Colorado provided opportunities for the youth to practice what they were learning. The Fort Collins Baha'is sponsor weekly children's classes in two distinct neighborhood settings. The youth participants gained real-life experience in the classroom.

This is "how-to" quality -- how to build spiritual community. But this is not just a hypothetical case. What is portrayed in this video is obviously real, happening in the present moment, and not just in Fort Collins' Timber Ridge  and Tacoma's Salishan's neighborhoods but in thousands of neighborhoods around the world.  
Members of the Area Teaching Committee serving the Fort Collins vicinity came to Tacoma earlier this year to participate in the first weekend of our 19th Intensive campaign, for which we were most grateful. -gw 

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