Wednesday, September 08, 2010

On Camping at Coffeepot Lake: Tea, instead

Coffeepot. Nice name for a lake, huh. Well, we had coffee there, and two great canoe paddles with some exploring across the lake.
I did a wordsearch for "coffee" in the Baha'i Reference Library. There is no reference. There are, however, 28 references to tea. -gw
Muhammad-‘Alí would carefully consider every blessing that came his way. “How delicious my tea is today,” he would comment. “What perfume, what color! How lovely this meadow is, and the flowers so bright!” He used to say that everything, even air and water, had its own special fragrance. For him the days passed in indescribable delight. Even kings were not so happy as this old man, the people said. “He is completely free of the world,” they would declare. “He lives in joy.”

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