Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On the View from Camp Nuclear: Power to the people

Nuclear power

Bahá'u'lláh wrote:

"Strange and astonishing things exist in the earth but they are hidden from the minds and the understanding of men. These things are capable of changing the whole atmosphere of the earth and their contamination would prove lethal."[25]

Bahá'ís later pointed to this as a statement about the discovery of nuclear energy and the use of nuclear weapons.[26]

Bonita and I camped just across the River from the Hanford nuclear power site, adjacent to an area along the Columbia River known as the Hanford Reach. 
Nuclear power is controversial, in the States and, lately, in places like Iran. It was at Hanford that the nuclear bombs were made that were dropped on Japan during World War II. Nuclear clean-up is a vigorous driver of the local economy in the nearby Tri-Cities. There is a reactor still operating that is producing electrical power, the only one in the state, Washington being much more known for its clean and cheap hydroelectrical power.
The view from our campsite was scenic and natural. The Hanford Reach is a wild place. We are so glad we went. -gw

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