Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On Some Blogs by Baha'is: Starting a new list

Every so often it's good to sorta start over. I'm in my third version of Baha'i Views, for example. I have liked the clean look of Baha'i Views on Posterous, but recently I began to add links to the side-bar of blogs by Baha'is, blogs constituting my first love on the Internet. I still have a blog roll on Baha'i Views (dot) net. But this is a new list.
Personal blogs are notorious for going dormant. So this list reflects active blogs. Some are new discoveries for me, and others are old favorites. The list is in no way intended to be comprehensive. When I've had a moment, I've added a blog to the list, one or two at a time. And I'll keep doing this. -gw

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