Monday, August 09, 2010

On Loving both Old School and Ruhi: Folks, it's not 'either/or' but 'and'

It was a busy weekend that started with the disconcerting circumstance of Posterous being under a Denial of Service attack admidst a switchover to a new data center that meant that my post Friday morning didn't show up until sometime Saturday. Not that I was sitting at my computer much over the weekend. I attended a Baha'i core teams regional meeting in Bellevue Saturday, and worked Sunday on an extensive "honey do" list for Bonita, who is back from Montana. But we still made time to attend Robert and Linda's "Torch of Faith" deepening, having the opportunity to see both Chris and Lisa there as well.
I call it my "Old School" deepening. I love basking in the love of the group of friends gathered underneath the skylight in Robert and Linda's doublewide surrounded by books and studying the Holy Scripture from all the world's major religions in a format that was developed back in the 90's when we had "entry by troupe" (that's another story), just like I like listening to old school music(which, for me, which might be, say, the Gap Band). Just as I love the Ruhi books and study circles of today, I will never lose my love for either the deepenings or the music. It's not "either/or" -- it's "and." Paul Lample talked about this in his talk in June. I'm looking forward to the time when Charles and Jeff can join me one of these Sunday afternoons. That's something I'm working on it.

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