Monday, August 23, 2010

On Deciding to Stop Teaching Baha'i Children's Classes: There is a Great Law of the Universe called “Ask and Ye Shall Receive"

Thought you all would burn with the love of this post as I did! From our dear former NW & NEasterner Denali now pioneering on the island of Dominca in the Carribean. Enjoy!


Stephanie shares this learning, via a lovely blog post, for what is, undouctedly, the next step for a lot of Baha'i communities involved in the Institute Process  -gw
We stopped teaching our children’s classes immediately after returning from Trinidad. It may seem like a strange course of action, as part of the reason we’re here is to help establish and promote these classes…but the main reason we’re in Dominica, as articulated by the Universal House of Justice in the 2010 Ridván Message is to help “raise capacity within a population to take charge of its own spiritual, social and intellectual development.”

That time and energy we spent preparing for and teaching those children’s classes, we realized, could be much better spent training and accompanying children’s class teachers. Pretty obvious, right?

There is a Great Law of the Universe called “Ask and Ye Shall Receive”…and I guess I need constant reminders that—in this earthly experience—it’s as dependable as the law of gravity (provided we’re not asking for something that will impede our, or others’, development). Predictably, once we started focusing our prayers and efforts in the direction of finding children’s class teachers, two of them dropped from the sky…and are now bringing more vim, vigor, and creativity to the St. Cyr class than we ever could have hoped for.

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