Monday, August 16, 2010

On a Baha'i Children's Retreat: Attended by a dozen children from Salishan

Deb calls and Tim emails. Wants us to go see the kids at Brighton Creek. Twelve kids from our children's classes at Salishan are there, a part of the mix. Bonita insists that we go.
The Baha'i Children's Retreat, facilitated by Randi Gottlieb of Yakima, was a rip-roaring success. It was so in great part because it connected to the institute process by through the inclusion of the Salishan children in the event. We Baha'is are incredibly good at putting together programs that honor and teach the values and perspectives of our faith. Combine that propensity with the core activities and you have a winning combination.
Parents were there, folks. We've been teaching the Salishan children and their parents are slowly being drawn into the Baha'i activities.
Here are the photos. I have video clips, too, but can't wait for them to be downloaded to get this up.  -gw

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