Wednesday, August 18, 2010

On Baha'is and Blue Men: I don’t approve of chanting Baha’is blocking my way through public facilities

I found this intriguing sentence in a blog post about tolerance. I think I'll skip the link.
I don’t approve of groups of chanting Baha’i blocking my way through public facilities, but I tolerate them on free speech grounds (among other reasons).
"Chanting Baha'is" blocking public thoroughfare. Now that's a picture that's rather hard to imagine! My guess is the blogger (1) has never met a Baha'i, and (2) doesn't know much about the Faith.
A seeker who has just begun investigating the Faith and who had shared this fact with a friend, said the friend asked if we were the people who worship the blue man. No, I said,.No blue man worshipping for us.  -gw

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Living said...

We may laugh (and I did) but this is instructive, too. Reminds Baha'is not too be too shy about sharing what we actually DO represent.